Tackle Storage

When heading out for a fishing session, often the hardest thing to decide is what to bring, or more often than not, what NOT to bring. We would like to be able to bring the proverbial “tackle shop” with us when fishing, and we all have that mate who does, but it really isn’t the best option every time.

By having your fishing tackle stored correctly, you spend less time sorting through mountains of gear to find the one lure, or box of hooks you want, and can confidently pack or pick the right stuff for the session. Likewise when out in the boat, keeping an uncluttered deck makes for a better fishing platform. Well stored gear can allow you to see and tie on your safely packed favourites when the bite turns on.

We carry a comprehensive range of fishing tackle storage options for everything you could want to take fishing with you. Lures, leader, hard cases, soft cases, shoulder packs, float storage, sinker storage, knife storage you name it, we have something designed to store it.

If you prefer the time-tested flip top, multi level, hard plastic box, we stock a range from Plano, Versus and Flambeau to suit your needs. Compartmentalised inserts that can be customised to fit every conceivable lure or terminal tackle. Lure storage systems specially designed for things like Squid jigs, Deep Jig pouches, topwater lure bags or game fishing lure rolls. Soft plastic wallets and jighead cases from brands such as Samaki, Plano and Berkley. And a concise range of Fly boxes to fit in your wading vest or backpack.