Estuary Rod & Reel Combos

Rivers and Estuaries are where the majority of us learn to wet a line, it is also a fantastic place to hone your skills and fine tune new techniques. Our range of Estuary Rod and Reel combinations revolve around these basics.

We have compiled a range of light to medium-light combos that can cater for the absolute beginner, be that child or adult, or those that wish to move from basic bait fish applications to the brave new world of lure fishing.

Shimano, Penn and Daiwa offer products that are budget conscientious, yet still give you a rod and reel that will provide a number of years of use and enjoyment. Depending on the combo, we have spooled the reel with either monofilament fishing line, allowing you to simply tie on a sinker and hook to begin fishing, or braid, for those hoping to give lure casting a try.

All combos will give the angler the ability to chase all of the common species encountered within our rivers, bays, estuaries and harbours. Flathead, Bream, Whiting, Mullet, Leatherjacket, blackfish, flounder, tailor, salmon, bonito, squid the list is endless, and all will be available to you with one of our Estuary Rod & Reel Combos.