Spinning Reels

Spinning reels, threadline reels, or eggbeater reels, whatever you call them, this style of fishing reel is far and away the most versatile and therefore popular. For chasing everything from Trout & Bass to Marlin & Tuna and everything in between, spinning reels have a model to suit your target species or fishing style.

Spinning Reels work on a very advanced handle and gear system. Simply put, the handle of the reel rotates an internal gear, which drives a main shaft up and down, which in turn oscillates the spool and rotates the rotor. Thereby retrieving your line and laying it smoothly and neatly back onto the spool ready for your next cast. This style of fishing reel shines when it comes to cast ability, especially if trying to cast lightly weighted baits or lures. Unlike overhead reels, where in order for the line to depart the reel it must spin the drum spool and its inclusive weight, spinning reels when cast have the line free flowing from the spool.

Superior anti-corrosive ball bearings are the norm, and are paired with materials and advanced coatings to create saltwater compatible reels that feel effortlessly smooth and strong. Drag capabilities that can slow even the most torrid and determined sea monster are available as standard in many of the mid to high end models. Spools that incorporate HD carbon based drag systems, and PE compatible spool capacities that allow anglers to target fast, long running species such as tuna, GT and mackerel. All of these features can be scaled up or down to a reel size that suits any form of fresh or saltwater angling.

Spinning reels from Shimano, Daiwa and Penn cater for every fishing style or budget. Whether you prefer to skip cast unweighted soft plastics under embankments for wily bream or Aussie bass, plonk out a live nipper or squirt worm for a tasty whiting, cast metal slugs from the rocks for bonito and kingfish, jig for everything from snapper through to dogtooth tuna, cast large topwater lures on the tropical reefs for GT or out on the continental shelf for Yellowfin Tuna there is a spinning reel to suit your needs.