Baitcast Reels

Baitcast tackle is actually a bit of a misleading name for those who are unfamiliar with this type of fishing, while this specific type of rod and reel can certainly be used to cast natural baits, the name actually is an American term, where “baits” are what they call lures. So, baitcast tackle is actually designed specifically for casting lures, often with greater accuracy than by other means.

Baitcast reels are small, compact, yet very technically advanced overhead casting reels that are designed to cast small to medium sized lures with incredible accuracy, although Baitcast reels these days have the ability to cast much larger lures than were once considered viable on this tackle.

These small drum-spool reels have many working parts at your fingertips to allow an angler to make cast after cast, while being constantly ready for a strike and the ensuing battle.

Level wind is standard on all baitcast reels from all brands and lays your mainline flat and even on every retrieve. Impressive star drags, which pack a deceptive amount of punch is another stock feature of most baitcast models these days. Probably the biggest advancement in baitcast reel technology today is the implementation of centrifugal braking mechanisms in most reels on the market which means that gone are the days of incessant birds-nests that historically scared many anglers away from this fun style of fishing.

We stock a range of models from all the leading brands such as Daiwa, Shimano, Abu Garcia, Penn, and 13Fishing which means there is a reel in stock for every budget and level of bait casting experience.

Baitcast Reels