Bait Jigs - Sabiki

Sabiki rigs have revolutionised bait catching in Australia and around the world. First developed in Japan, the name “sabiki” actually refers to the action of jigging the rig vertically through the water. Bait jigs or Sabiki, whatever you wish to call them, they are the same thing; a small pre-tied rig that consists of a main line, with a number of smaller branch lines (generally 3-6) with small, sticky-sharp hooks and flasher material attached at the end of each.

A sinker is attached to the bottom of the rig to allow it to be dropped through a school of bait fish that has been located, where they then mistake these material covered hooks for food and load up on the rig. They can be used in conjunction with a small amount of bait, but the better jigs generally do not require this.

Bait jigs come in a range of sizes and colour patterns, but the most notable thing is to chose the right hook size for the bait species you re targeting. Small yellowtail, garfish or mullet would be best suited to a size 14-10 hook, whereas larger yellowtail, slimey mackerel or even small bonito can be targeted with a larger hook size.

If you wish to do some live baiting, or simply want to collect fresh bait for your next beach, rock or boat fishing session, a sabiki bait jig is a MUST HAVE in your kit.