Swimbaits and Glidebaits are a type of lure that has come into vogue in recent years. While initially developed overseas to target XL Largemouth Bass and Northern Freshwater Pike, these lures have found themselves particularly useful when chasing many of our Aussie native species in both the fresh and salt.

They are jointed lures, which allows them to undulate or “kick” much like a natural fish does through the water. The main difference between a swim, and a glide bait is that a swim bait is made up of three or more sections joined together, whereas a glide bait is typically two piece. By only have the single join in the middle of the lure, glide baits have a much more rigid, wide side-to-side “glide” action to them. The more joins in the body of the swim bait allows greater articulation and a more fluid swimming action in the water.

Either way, both of these lures are gaining traction as excellent producers for XL Murray Cod, huge Dusky Flathead on the flats, both impoundment and wild river Barra, mega Mulloway and a host of other species.

Due to their pedigree, many of these lures are quite large and often heavy, requiring slightly upgraded outfits in order to cast them easier, although we are seeing more and more scaled down versions of these lures entering the Aussie market from the likes of MMD, Shimano and Gan Craft, with more skittish species such as Bream, Bass, EP’s being unlocked with these lures too.

Work them slow, and see the results for yourself, as your next PB might find one of these realistic offerings too good to refuse.