Braided Fishing lines have revolutionised lure fishing. By braiding together strands of polyethylene fibres, you end up with a much thinner and stronger fishing line than traditional mono.

The biggest advantage of braided fishing line is that there is zero stretch in it. This allows the line to be much more sensitive, thereby allowing the angler to feel every bite or bump transmitted through it, while also allowing the angler to impart action to their lure without it getting drowned out like it would with stretchy monofilament.

The number of strands or carriers the braid is made up of will dictate the smoothness of the braid. The more strands that the braided fishing line is made up of, the smoother and rounder it will be.
Basic braided fishing line generally starts as a four carrier braid (4 strands woven together), and then generally goes up to 8 Strand braid, 12, and so on. Often the more strands in the line, the more expensive it becomes.