Sabiki Rods

Sabiki Rods are specifically designed to eliminate the headache that comes with having a sabiki bait jig tangling and hooking into every other rod on your boat when they are not in use.

By utilising the hollow-core of the fishing rod blank, these rods allow the sabiki rig, with its array of small hooks, to be wound up and inside the rod, out of the way. Diminishing any chance of them hooking into every other conceivable item. Their specially designed tip allows free passage of the bait rig without the chance of snagging, but will allow the jig to be wound in until the trailing sinker seats firmly in the tip section.

The design of these rods are intended for dropping and vertically jigging these sabiki rigs below a boat when bait gathering and can be used with either a baitcast or threadline reel.

There are various sizes of these rods, each matched to a bait jig size. Smaller to medium sizes are designed for inshore and harbour sized jigs with their relatively small hooks, and larger models are suited to house larger offshore bait jigs, with their larger hooks.

Their longer length should not be a deterrent, as it allows a jig loaded with baitfish to be swung inboard with minimal fuss. Most brands are made in two piece configuration which aids in storage and travelling when not in use.

Sabiki Rods