Blades & Vibe

Blades and Vibes has solidified their place in most serious estuary and inshore angler’s tackle box over the past decade. Such is their ability to catch fish, even when the fish are seemingly “shut down”.

Both blades and vibes function on the same principle. They are designed to be cast or freespooled down to the bottom, and then hopped across the bottom back to the boat, each time being allowed to sink back to the seafloor. The design of the tow point of the lure being just forward of the centre of the lures back gives them a distinguishable vibration or “vibe” on the uplift of the retrieve. And this is what the fish cannot resist.

Blades are typically smaller, thin metal plates with a weighted keel on the bottom edge of the lure. They exhibit a very definitive kick when lifted through the retrieve and are an excellent choice of lure in estuary and impoundment situations for species such as bream, flathead, yellow belly and Aussie Bass.

Vibes come in both soft and hard varieties. Hard being generally made from a hard plastic composition, while soft vibes are generally a silicone like plastic moulded around a weighted internal wire frame. They work and swim the same as a blade, but come in a larger array of sizes, all the way up to models that are designed for larger reef dwelling species and even pelagics. By being made in a larger form, they are able to incorporate rattle chambers, heavier hardware and in the case of soft vibes, have the feel and presence of a real fish.

As a deadly effective lure to use in a wide variety of fresh, estuary and inshore saltwater applications, blades and vibes are a must have for any lure fishing aficionado.
We stock all the best brands such as Samaki, TT, Nomad, Daiwa, MMD, Zerek, Jackall and Ecogear.

Blades & Vibe