Gaffs & Catch and Release Tools

Well before the fish of a lifetime comes alongside your boat, the decision must be made ahead of time whether you intend to keep the fish for the table, or photograph and release in a safe manner. Either of these decisions come with the necessary preparation, and tools required to do so safely, for both the crew and the fish.

The landing of large gamefish species such as tuna and swordfish requires the use of a gaff, and often for really big fish, more than just one. Even smaller pelagics such as Mahi Mahi, Spanish Mackerel and Wahoo require the use of a gaff to safely boat the fish for the table. The size and length of your gaff is all relative to the species you intend to encounter.

Once brought onboard you must then have the necessary equipment to despatch the fish fast and humanely before cooling down ready for the table.

Releasing fish safely requires just as much forethought, as getting a trophy marlin or the like boat side and then releasing such a large, strong animal, again requires specific tools to deal with. Even just subduing a large fish in order to safely remove the hooks and get a photo prior to tagging with the use of a tag pole, all have necessary tackle items.

We carry a full range of strong, durable landing, tagging, despatching and release tools in store from reputable brands such as Hookem, AFTCO, Black Pete Quality Tackle, Precision, Relax and Black Magic.

Gaffs & Catch and Release Tools