Game Rods

Much Like game reels must be made strong and durable to battle with the ocean’s largest gamefish species, so too must any game rods they are to be matched with.

Game Fishing Rods come with full guide, guide and roller tip, or full roller runner configurations. Rollers were always considered the best option for medium and heavy line class game fishing rods, as they allowed the line to transition on and off the reel with the least friction under load. Now this is still true, but you must always remember to keep your rollers oiled to ensure they roll smoothly.

Advancements in fishing rod guide technology and materials now provide anglers with fixed ring guides that are capable of immediate heat dissipation, so an angler can confidently fight a large stubborn game fish for hour after hour without concern of friction wear through your guides.

“Short Stroker” style game rods allow the angler to apply maximum pressure to a large fish by bringing the leverage point closer to the anglers body, and when incorporated with a correctly fitted gimbal and harness provides an unmatched big fish fighting set up.

Longer (6ft+) overhead game rods such as the Shimano Switchbait and Daiwa Saltiga Tournament models give you and advantage when tease and switch fishing, which is a very popular fishing style for marlin along the East and West Coast, allowing the angler to get the bait up and skipping, to entice the marlin to commit. While still enabling the angler to apply maximum pressure once the battle is settled in.

Whether you wish to lure troll, live bait, skip bait, pitch bait, sword drop or cube up, we have the right game rod to suit any budget. Big name brands such as Shimano, Daiwa, Millerods, Ultimate Rods, and Wilson have you covered.

*I can see the Yamaha Blanks Blue Reef Spin rod and Ocean’s Legacy Genesis Rock Addition Landbased Game Spinning rod are both in this section. They are both spin rods, and while they could be considered a game rod, I’m not sure they should exist as the only spin rods in this section? I would either remove them both, or add a larger range of spin models into this section. The Ocean’s Legacy particularly is a rock fishing rod, and probably not the ideal rod to showcase in the “Game Rods” section. Anyhow, check with Jay on this.
There is also a number of Deep Drop rods in this page, which you can ask Jay about as well.

Game Rods