Rods & Reels

The art of fishing requires an angler to present a bait or lure to a fish in various situations. This is done most effectively with the use of a fishing rod and a fishing reel. The fishing reel acts as the line management tool, while the rod acts as a device that allows you to manipulate the fishing line from the reel and deliver your offering to the fish. The fishing rod acts secondly as fish fighting tool, allowing the angler to apply pressure to coerce a fish back to the angler. These two items used in tandem offer the angler the best advantage to catch fish in any manner of environments.

There are a number of fishing reel designs, each with their own distinct advantageous scenario. Threadline or spinning reels are the most commonly utilised and known, as their versatility is unrivalled. Overhead reels can carry a larger capacity of line for their size, and are often the best choice in Bluewater trolling applications. Baitcast reels are designed for short, accurate lure presentations. While fly reels, are designed for the sole purpose of storing and presenting fly line for a fly fisher.

Likewise, there is a plethora of fishing rods available, each designed to work in particular scenarios, or to be used for particular fishing styles.
Some rods are longer, particularly when designed for use off the rocks or oceanic beaches. Some are shorter, to give the angler maximum leverage. Some stiffer to set hooks when trolling offshore, or to turn a fishes headway in the early stages of a battle. While some are softer, to avoid pulling the hooks from soft-mouthed species once hooked.

For every fishing application, there is a precisely designed and engineered rod and reel to suit. We are always more than happy to help assist in your search or if you have questions about which rod and reel is best for you.