Fishing Tools

Fishing tools are every bit as important as fishing apparatus used to catch the fish. Once you have landed your catch, this is where many of the tools come into play. Do you wish to unhook, get a photo and release your catch? Or do you wish to humanely despatch and process your fish for the table? Every step of both of these options requires a tool to assist you do the deed quickly, and safely, for both you and the fish.

There are a range of tools that are also important for assisting in setting up your tackle for the day. Braid scissors or cutters help to effortlessly cut through braided lines and leaders. Split ring pliers are the only way to remove or swap out new trebles or rings on your favourite lures, and crimping pliers are needed for crimping heavy mono or wire leaders. There is even a range of knot tying tools these days for modern friction knots or those who are less dextrous.

If you are into your fly fishing and fly tying specifically, we have a great selection of tools to get your dubbing fluffed, your hair stacked or your hackles trimmed. Great brands such as Dr Slick, Todd, Stonfo, Enrico Puglisi, and Orvis have your fly tying tools covered.

A good set of long nose pliers is a benefit for unhooking fish with sharp teeth, or nasty spines and lip grips assist in holding that same fish up for a photo without risking ones fingers. Why not measure that trophy catch for posterity too? We have a range of digital and spring loaded weighing devices and length measuring mats to brag to all your mates.

Keen to keep a few fish for the table? Well as soon as you land the fish, you need to start the process off right. That begins with brain spiking your catch to immediately despatch it. This can be done with an ikijime tool, or a sharp and carefully placed knife. That same knife will then bleed the fish before cooling it down in some ice. Once back at the ramp, or at home, you will need a scaler and a purpose specific filleting knife to get your catch ready for the frying pan. Guess what? We have all of these necessary items in store!

We even have tools to assist you to retrieve snagged lures, open oysters for the table and sharpen your hooks and knives with ease. Don’t get caught out without the right tool for the job. Check out our huge range of Fishing Tools online or in store.

Fishing Tools