Game Reels

In Australia, when referring to “Game Fishing Reels” we generally are talking about overhead, lever drag fishing reels. While there are other star drag overhead and threadline options that are more than capable of catching a myriad of gamefish these days, most conventional gamefishing is done with the use of these lever drag overhead reels.

Brands such as Penn, Shimano and Daiwa dominate this market, with their incredible technology and years of evolution in this area ensuring their product offerings are of the highest quality. This high quality is obviously essential when gearing up to target large, hard running game species such as tuna, marlin, swordfish and the like.

The main point of difference in the game reel ranges is that of Single or 2 Speed Gearing and the sizing of the reels.

Most game fishing reel ranges will have a series of sizes in each, the sizing of the reel is made to reflect the line class that reel is designed to be fished with. Smaller 16 and 20 size reels are generally for running 16 and 20lb (8 & 10kg) IGFA main line, as you go up in reel size, the line class goes with it, such as 30, 50, 80 and 130 sizes with the respective lines classes they are designed to fish. This rule is not concrete, and with modern advancements in braid backing and upgraded drag cams, smaller reels can comfortably fish heavier line classes, but our expert staff are more than happy to talk this through with you.

Single or 2 Speed gear options are as they sound, some reels come with a single speed gear ratio for their retrieval, while others have the option of 2 Speed gearing, allowing the angler to switch from the standard higher geared ratio, to a lower ratio when dealing with a stubborn fish such as a circling yellowfin tuna, of dogged Blue Marlin. 2 Speed gearing is a standard feature on most of the top tier game reels available from all brands.

Solid reels designed for targeting the ocean’s largest species are essentially what game reels are. Staples such as Shimano’s Tiagra and Talica, or Penn’s International Series have stood the test of time. While Daiwa’s new Saltiga Game Lever Drag is quickly cementing its name as another great gamefish tamer.

Game Reels