Torches & Headlamps

Torches and Headlamps are not only an important piece of safety equipment, they are incredibly practical and essential items when boating or fishing.

Headlamps are a fantastic hands-free way of performing duties in the dark no matter how simple or intricate they may be. When fishing, camping or boating in low/no light situations, a head torch is the perfect way to find what you need, tie that next rig or signal for assistance.

Advancements in technology these days allows for brighter lights, with extended battery life in compact, often waterproof units.

Torches need no introduction, but nevertheless are a must-have item when boating or fishing into the evening or at night time. Dive torches also allow visibility in cracks and crevices when diving for crayfish or when spearfishing. Squid fishing and Fly tying enthusiasts will be aware of the advantages of Ultraviolet (UV) torches. As they allow squid jigs to be illuminated, and for UV resins to be set immediately when fly tying.

We stock a range of headlamps, UV torches and dive torches from the market-leading brands to suit every budget.

Torches & Headlamps