Jigging Rods

Jigging Rods are designed for lure fishing weighted jigs vertically below a vessel, often in substantial water depths. They can be broken roughly into two sub categories, which is slow-pitch jigging, and mechanical jigging. Both of these styles of jigging rod come in spin, and overhead configurations.

Mechanical jigging rods are utilised to work heavily weighted jigs fast, and erratically through the water column. This is done through vigorous, methodical action on the anglers behalf, but these rods are designed with their moderate tapers to absorb and reflect this action onto the lure below the boat, thereby reducing physical fatigue on the angler. Secondly, upon hook up, these rods act as shock absorbing tools, which will again aid in angler fatigue, and resist against pulled hooks under heavy drag pressures, big fish, and deep water.

Slow-Pitch Jigging rods fundamentally have the same attributes as those stated above, however the fishing style is less aggressive, incorporating a longer, slower lift (or pitch) of the rod to suit the slower flutter style jigs used. Slow pitch rods will generally be a little longer than a standard jig rod, and will often have minimal grip componentry to reduce weight in the hand.

All jig rods will specify their ideal jig weight range, at which they perform optimally and will have a PE line rating they are best suited for.

This highly specialised form of lure fishing is an extremely active and fun way to target a whole manner of sport fish around the country and the globe. We carry a comprehensive range of high end jigging rods from Jigstar, Ocean’s Legacy, Shimano, Howk, Daiwa, Wilson, and Trophy Hunter.

Jigging Rods