Small Surface Lures

Small Surface Lures are our range of topwater artificial lures that create a surface disturbance to replicate prey species found around our coastal bays, harbours, estuaries, rivers and freshwater systems.

These lightweight lures are developed to be cast on typical light estuary luring outfits, with the exception of some of the larger cod-style surface lures you will find here.

Small stickbaits such as Bassday Sugapen’s, Daiwa Infeet Slippery Dog’s, Atomic Hards K9 Bulldog and Small Nomad Riptide’s are exceptional for use around bait balls for salmon, tailor, bonito and Small kingfish or up on the sand and mudflats or alongside harbour structures for bream, whiting, Estuary Perch or Flathead. Likewise with Small Poppers, which can work exceptionally well in lower light phases, or in dirtier water scenarios for the same species.

Cicada imitations are a trusted Australian Bass lure throughout their Eastern range, and we stock some of the better, proven models from brands such as Tiemco, Bassday, Atomic and Megabass. Larger surface walkers can increase the size of the bass you encounter, while are also one of the hotter lure choices for Murray Cod.

Summer time is the prime time for utilising the warm water aggression that gets instilled in many of our estuarine, inshore and freshwater species, so have a go with light tackle topwater, its a fun form of fishing, and surprisingly productive.

Small Surface Lures