Travel Rods

The idea of travelling with fishing rods in tow was long considered as either extremely cumbersome and expensive, or for the extremely passionate. With todays advancements in technology, the ability to pack an extremely high quality fishing rod in when travelling across the globe, interstate, or just out bush with a jamb-packed car, doesn’t need to mean taking any excess bulky luggage. Hell, there’s no reason you couldn’t slip a rod in when packing for your own honeymoon, wherever that may be.

Multi piece travel rods are produced by most of the big name, high end brands like Daiwa, Shimano, Crucis, Abu Garcia and Samaki and will cater for everything from backpack hiking and fishing for high country trout, to billabong barramundi or Papuan Black Bass, to land based spinning for queenfish up north or salmon down south, all the way through to 8' heavy tackle PE8-10 GT casting rods. There really is every option covered, without the trade off of quality.

High modulus graphite rods, with bi-axis construction that allow the rod joints to flex, yet maintain full strength, giving you a three, four or five piece fishing rod, that bends and feels like a single piece rod.
Available in both spin and baitcast options, there is sure to be a travel rod in store for your next adventure off the beaten track.