Soft Plastic Lures

No single range of artificial's has revolutionised Australian lure angling as much in recent decades as Soft Plastic Lures. Their seemingly infinite applications for all manner of fresh and saltwater species gives them an advantage over all other lure choices.

Made primarily from rubber like silicone, but more and more often brands are utilising natural, biodegradable materials. These stretchy, wobbly lure bodies are made to look, feel, smell and in some cases, taste like actual prey items. They can be designed to mimic any manner of bait, with popular items throughout the various brands being small, medium and large fish, prawns, worms, crabs, crayfish, frogs and many many more.

The beauty really lies in the ability to fish them though all layers of the water column, due to being able to choose and rig each soft plastic on a range of jigheads. The jighead for each soft plastic lure is dictated primarily by the hook size, as this must match to the relative size of the plastic lure body itself. Once this is determined, the weight of the jighead can move from ultra-light (or even unweighted) to quite heavy (within reason).

The action of each soft plastic lure is dictated by the “tail” that is incorporated in its design. Paddle tails give off a deep rhythmic thump, curl or grub tails have a more subtle but tighter fluttering beat, and jerk-shad style tails have an even more subtle vibration of the drop, but most of the action on these is imparted by the angler. There are also soft plastic lures with all manner of flanges, legs, ridges, and claws that will emit vibration and attract fish in their own way.

Soft plastic lures are the perfect introduction to lure fishing, as their effectiveness on a wide range of species, in a wide range of habitats, makes them fisher friendly in all areas around Australia.

We stock a selection of what we deem to be some of the best, technology and technique leading brands available in the country. Z-Man, Squidgies, Daiwa Bait Junkies, Derek, Berkley Gulp and Powerbait, Rapala Crush City, Pro Lure, Lunker City Sluggo’s, Chasebait, Irukandji Scicario, Atomic Plazos and so many more. We have soft plastics to get you out there catching anything from Bream, Bass and trout, to XL Kingfish, Barramundi, Tuna and Mulloway.

Soft Plastic Lures