Fish Attractants & Scents

Fishermen are constantly looking to give themself the best advantage over their often wiley quarry. With the advancements in lure fishing these days, many artificial presentations look real enough to eat yourself, but sometimes lack that natural scent that will ultimately turn a looker into a biter!

Fish Attractants are designed to add that all important “flavour” to your lures or even baits and burleys. They come in a variety of forms, from liquid aerosol sprays, to gels and pastes that can be smeared onto your chosen lure.

Some companies such as Pro Cure and Stimulate trade solely in these attractants and scents for fishing purposes, so there is definitely something that works in there!

While the majority of these scents here in Australia are used in conjunction with soft plastic luring, Glowmax and Egimax are designed specifically for Squidding, with Japanese formulation to best attract these cephalopods.

With a huge range of “flavours” or scents to chose from, you can find an attractant that best works for your target species or fishing environment. Give yourself the ultimate advantage and check out our range of Fish Attractants and Scents in store or online today.

Fish Attractants & Scents