Hand Caster Reels

Where we likely all began, the humble hand caster or hand reel is a simple as fishing gets. A hand caster reel is principally a composite plastic “doughnut” spool that can accomodate a significant amount of monofilament fishing line in it’s outer concave perimeter, with a whole through the middle that you can fit your hand. To this line one can then simply tie on a sinker and hook, bait up and begin fishing. While it definitely has its limitations as to what fish you can target and where you can access, it is a very simple and effective way to introduce kids, or those who have never fished, to the sport.

Some are available with line and tackle pre-selected. We also stock bare spools that allow you to chose what line class you would like. Both pre-rigged and empty spools come in a range of sizes from smaller four inch diameter models for kids or those with smaller hands, or very limited space, to ten inch sizes for heavier lines.

We also stock a Fishing Station custom spooled “heavy duty" model that is ideal for cruising yachtsmen and women who may want to throw a lure out the back when travelling around the country and wish to catch a feed of fresh fish. This uses easily handled chord line, with a short length of monofilament for stretch and a lure attached. A great fish catching device when fishing may not be the main objective or when storage space on the vessel is at a premium.