Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are far and away the most popular type of fishing rod on the Australian market. This is because they are to be married with a spinning/threadline/eggbeater reel, which is the most versatile and easy to use fishing reel available. Spin fishing rods cover every conceivable style of fishing from ultra light trout or estuary fishing, to ultra heavy topwater fishing for GT and Tuna. Likewise, they are available for a huge array of fishing styles from longer land based models, to very specific lure casting options.

There is a mind boggling variety of spinning rods to chose from, and it can often be a daunting task to determine which type of rod it is you are after. Fishing style is probably the first thing to ask, as simple bait fishing techniques can be done on a softer, fibreglass constructed rod, whereas light soft plastic lure fishing for bream may require a much more sensitive graphite construction with lightweight guides and ultra sensitive reel seat and grips. An angler who wishes to fish for groper off the rocks or mulloway off the beach will require a vastly different spin rod to someone chasing a snapper on a lure from a boat.

Likewise within one brands ranges there may be upwards of one hundred different models, each with a slight variance that can make it the perfect rod for your desired scenario. Our staff are always available to help assist you make the most practical and enjoyable choice for your fishing experience.

Stocked brands include Shimano, Daiwa, Trophy Hunter, Ocean’s Legacy, Ripple Fisher, Yamaha, Shakespeare, NS Black Hole, Bone, Samaki, Wilson, Samurai, Jigstar, Penn, Howk, Storm, Murasame, Abu Garcia, G. Loomis, Millerods, Atomic, and even some custom made Fishing Station models.