Lure Packs

Overwhelmed by the staggering variety of lures out there? Don’t know where to start and what works in your area? Well, do not worry. We have put together a number of concise, expertly curated lure packs to cover a huge range of species and environments.

Our staff are all experienced anglers, and as such, have an intimate knowledge of what lures work for what species, and where. So by selecting excellent brand-name lures and mixing to cover all your options, you can be sure that our lure packs will produce fish and save you money overall.

These lure packs make excellent gifts for novice or advanced anglers alike, alternatively you may just want to get into lure fishing yourself, but don’t know where to start. Our Lure Packs are the perfect choice and cater for everything from the humble flathead in our estuaries, through to trolling the wide open ocean for tuna.