Fishing lures are artificial offerings used to attract and tempt fish into biting. Unlike bait, which is a natural food source for fish species, lures attempt to emulate these natural forage or prey items in a huge range of forms.

Lures come in a staggering array of styles and materials, and these days are designed to perfectly emulate their specific prey species. As they are required to trigger an attack response in the target species they are intended for, there is a huge amount of research and development put into lure design these days, both for Australian species, and worldwide.

There are lures available today that will target fish in every conceivable environment and situation, from surface topwater presentations, to lures that target fish in the abyssal depths and everywhere in-between.

Unlike bait, lures are designed (in the most part) to be worked or “fished”, as in nature the majority of prey items do their best to evade predators. And as such, each lure will have a specific way they are designed to be retrieved. Some slow and steady, others fast and erratic.

Fishing with lures is generally considered a more “advanced” style of fishing, as it requires slightly more specific tackle to do so more effectively and practically. Do not let this deter you however, as lure fishing is a fantastic way to tune into the natural ecosystem you are fishing in, and will sharpen every angler as they learn what works where, and how.

Talk to us today to start your lure fishing journey, or simply gaze in awe at the plethora of incredible new lures that are constantly available in the Australian fishing market and add to your collection. We stock all the best brands to target all of the most exciting species from around the country and overseas.