Rod & Reel Covers

Purpose built coverings for your rods and reels are an essential item to keep your fishing gear protected both in transport or storage. It goes without saying that when travelling with fishing gear, it is easy for items to get scratched, bent, and in worst cases, broken. By keeping your favourite fishing equipment protected in purpose built, and specifically sized coverings, your chances of this happening when travelling overseas, or travelling to the boat ramp are greatly diminished.

Neoprene Reel covers come in specific sizes for each model of reel, from Spinning reels, to baitcast and overhead reels. Brands such as Shimano, Daiwa, Oceans Legacy and Penn all provide neoprene reel covers that will avoid your reels from getting scratched, lines frayed or cut, handles and bail arms bent or drag presets from getting accidentally adjusted. Whether it is putting all your reels away in storage, or packing them to travel near or far, reel covers can save your money in the long run.

The same as reels need protection when travelling, rods too are particularly susceptible to damage when travelling unprotected. Guides can get knocked out of shape, or have inserts fall loose, and in worst cases rods can be snapped if not properly covered. From soft neoprene, plastic meshing or cotton bags for home and car storage, to hard casings designed to be put through the rigours of airports and international travel, we have a fishing rod covering to suit your needs. What could be worse than arriving at your fishing destination to see your rod tips all broken, without a tackle store in sight?!

Oceans Legacy, Shimano, Plano, Daiwa, Berkley and Sportube offer rod covers and cases to suit any budget. Check them out online or in store.