Spinnerbaits & Spinners

Spinnerbaits and Spinners have made their home as staples in Australia’s Freshwater lure market. Their effectiveness on Australian Native species such as Aussie Bass, Yellowbelly, Silver Perch, Saratoga, Sooty Grunter and the mighty Murray Cod has made them a go-to for many freshwater anglers.

Spinnerbaits are an American lure designed to target their Large Mouth Bass species, it is devised of a variably weighted head that is set on a wire frame, to which the other end has a single, double or triple set of shiny blades that rotate, flash and vibrate through the water. The hook is fixed within the weighted head of the lure, and there is generally a silicone skirt covering the hook, which adds to the lures appeal as it pulsates through the water.

Alternatives of this may use “buzz blades” or ever “chatter blades” to give a different sonic cadence in the water.

Spinners are a simplified version of the above spinnerbaits, but use the flashy blades to similarly attract fish to them. These spinners are a classic trout lure, and here in Australia they work excellent. The blade spins around a central wire, with a weighted spacer acting as the body, behind which sits a set of treble hooks. Both Spinners and Spinnerbaits require just a simple cast and slow retrieve, allowing the lure to sink once cast out can allow you to cover different layers of the water column.

Another Lure covered here worth mentioning is the Australian designed and made, “Tassie Devil” which has been a trout slayer for decades not only in its namesake of Tasmania, but everywhere there is trout. This lure is a standout in dams and impoundments, and can be both cast and retrieved or trolled.

Whether it is Aussie Bass in the upper reaches of a tidal river, A high country trout, a plump Yellowbelly over the great divide, Saratoga in a tropical billabong, or a giant Murray Cod in the beautiful New England gorge country. Ensure you have a spinnerbait or classic spinner packed and ready for your next freshwater fishing adventure.

Spinnerbaits & Spinners