Hardbody Lures are, as the name suggests, any fishing lure that comprises of a main hard plastic, timber or dense foam body from which a tow point, a bib and hook fasteners are attached. They may be small (<30mm long) all the way up to large trolling hardbodies in excess of 200mm.

A general rule when selecting a hardbody lure for your desired application is that a smaller bib will run shallower through the water than a longer, wider bib. This will allow the angler to select for fishing a specific location or species depending on the depth that the lure will swim down to.

Some hardy lures are designed to be cast and retrieved, some to be trolled, and some are able to do both. You will quickly learn which can and cannot, as those which can’t be trolled are weighted and balanced to be twitched as a slower speed, and alternatively, those designed to be trolled will generally have little action when slowly wound and twitched. Hardbody lures will either float, sink or suspend, with each option having its ideal scenario.

Some brands have even designed a range of hard bodied lures to be cast from shore locations, combining a rear-weighted system to increase casting distance from the Jetty, rocks or beach.

Most serious lure brands will have a range of hardbody lures in their catalogue, as they are an effective, and easy to use example of a fishing lure. We stock all the big brands such as Shimano, Daiwa, Nomad, Jackall, Samaki, Pro Lure, Rapala, Leavey Lures, Halco, Berkley, Atomic, Taylor Made, Zerek, Bassday, Reidy’s, Yo-Zuri, Classic, Killalure, Maria, Bomber and many, many more!

For all your hardbody dreams, we have the lure for you.