Jig fishing and Jigging lures are one of the simplest forms of fishing lure. But don’t let their simplicity trick you into thinking they’re unadvanced. Jigs are designed for use when vertical jigging. This fishing style involved dropping weighted jigs down through the water column, often into immense depths, to target fish or work around bait schools that have been located on a sounder.

The basic principle of a jig is that it is weighted to get the angler down into the fishing zone as directly as possible. The weight of the chosen jig is directly correlated to the depth to be fished. The lighter the jig, the shallower the depth of water. Some jigs are slim, and rear-weighted to really accelerate the drop time into the fishing zone if there is excess current or drift, while others are forward or centre-weighted, giving them much more of a “fluttering” action on both the drop and retrieve.

Kabura Jigs are designed to target the more demersal species you may encounter on a deeper reef system such as Snapper, Pearl Perch, Trag, Nannygai and the like. They are made up of a weighted round head that is free running on the leader, with a set of small, sticky-sharp hooks hidden amongst a set of rubber or fibre tentacles. These jigs are to be fished relatively slowly compared to traditional vertical jigs, and can even be fished simply out of the rod holder.

Vertical Jigs are split into two categories, speed jigs and slow jigs, and as that suggests, some are designed to be worked fast and erratically with vigorous angler rod work, while slow jigs are fished with a slower, longer sweep of the rod by the angler.

Whichever jigging style you enjoy, you can be sure that we carry the right lures for the job. Many of the best brands provide both rigged and unrigged options.
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