Fishing Hooks

Fishing Hooks are quite literally the pointy end of your fishing set up. Fishing hooks have been around for thousands of years, and have seen convergent development in various parts of the world throughout history. The principle is always fundamentally the same, a recurved or bent piece of hardened material that has a point and often a barb at one end, and a means of attaching a “fishing line” to the other.

In modern fishing hooks, these are made of various metals, allowing for thinner, stronger, sharper hooks to be made on mass. But a hook must be decided upon by determining which one will work best for your chosen species and application. Fishing hooks can range in size from tiny mosquito hooks that can be used to catch small trout, mullet and pan fish, all the way to giant stainless steel varieties used to be rigged in game lures or present live or dead baits to marlin.

Lure fishing too has its own plethora of hook styles to suit the varied lure fishing applications. Assist hooks are used for most jigging techniques. Jigheads are a fishing hook that is weighted and designed to be fished in conjunction with a soft plastic lure, to give it weight to be cast, give action and sink. Treble hooks are the hook style most synonymous with lure fishing, as they are a three pronged hook that hangs on the underside or backside of a hard lure, allowing better hook-up potential from a sudden strike.

For bait fishing, it is essential to accept that no single hook will do everything. By having a variety of hook styles and sizes, you give yourself the best chance at targeting a variety of species. Always chose your hook shape and size depending on the bait you intend to fish with. Thin baits such as beach or bloodworms would best suit a smaller longshank model. Half a pilchard for example, would work well on a medium 3/0 to 6/0 Suicide pattern, whereas a whole pilchard or garfish could be best presented on a set of joined or “ganged hooks”.

Likewise with live baiting, a selection of hook sizes is the best option when heading out with the intent to live bait for larger predators, as a small mullet would not be fished on the same hook as a large mullet, or Slimey Mackerel. Always select your hook size to the bait you use.

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Fishing Hooks