Squid Jig

Squid Jigs: the only way to catch squid! Squid Jigs are a very popular fishing lure designed to entice and catch squid, cuttlefish and octopus.


Designed originally in Japan, Squid jigs (or Egi jigs in Japan) are a fishing lure designed to imitate a prawn, small fish or other prey item that squid like to eat. They are weighted to allow them to sink through the water column at a controlled rate which will catch the eye of squid and cuttlefish.

The lures catch the cephalopods by having a single or double ring of sharp, barbless stainless steel prongs at their base to hook the squids tentacles as they attack the lure.

They are uniquely created to attract the attention and elicit a bite from squid in various scenarios. Each size, weight and colour will have different properties to gain attraction. Colours are vast and varied, from ultra-bright to more natural and subtle offerings. It pays to have a range of colours to use on any given day.

Smaller sizes (1.5-2.0) are designed for shallower, calmer areas such as bays, harbours and estuaries. Medium sizes (2.5) are a great all-rounder in inshore and harbour applications. Larger sizes (3.0-3.5) are great in deeper areas, headlands, and inshore reefs. 

Popular brands such as Yamashita, Daiwa, Shimano and Little Jack have some great product to choose from.

Squid Jig