Wind On Leaders

Wind On Leaders are designed primarily for use on larger overhead game fishing outfits, and allow an angler to gain control over a fish with the use of heavier leader on the reel, whilst bringing the fish closer to the boat for dealing with. These are especially useful when fishing from trailer vessels or when there are less crew members onboard, as it essentially eliminates the need for someone to “trace” a fish prior to landing or releasing.

The system is a relatively simple one. A Wind On Leader is as the name suggests, a heavier leader near the terminal end of your rig that is able to be wound onto the fishing reel through the guides or rollers without encumbrance.

They are made from a dacron or dyneema loop that has the specified leader strength threaded up inside of it. It is then whipped and glued to eliminate slippage under pressure. The best quality Wind On leaders are hand made here in Australia from quality materials.

They attach to a pre-tied double in the main-line of the outfit via a “catspaw” connection with the dacron/dyneema loop.

We also stock a comprehensive range of materials and tools for those adventurous enough to make their own Wind On’s. Splicing and threading needle kits, dacron, dyneema and glue are all available through the Fishing Station store.

Wind On Leaders