Millerods are the brainchild of Australia’s most regarded rod builder Ian “Barra” Miller. Miller has been building his custom fishing rods for over three decades under The Australian Rod Builder name, as well as overseeing the design and implementation of a number of rod ranges under one of the world’s largest tackle company brands, before branching out into the production rod market with Millerods.

Having long been established as Australia’s most sought after, and highly regarded fishing rods, the range of Millerods Production series are no exception to the rule other than allowing them to be more accessible to the everyday Australian angler. Ian has produced a comprehensive series of lure and game fishing rods designed around Australian fishing environments and species. All of which encompass his intricately thought out design and build process.

The Millerods range focus primarily on light tackle estuary and sweet water lure casting, impoundment luring tactics, inshore and tropical estuary luring, and medium to heavy tackle offshore game fishing. The major difference being that all Millerods are over engineered for their fate, each blank used is selected with serious forethought, the guides and components equally so, and often each rod will be designed for one specific luring application, be it soft plastics, crank baits, vibes, swimbaits etc.

They really are a fantastic specialist fishing rod!

We stock all the popular models such as Grubfreak, Vibefreak, Twitchfreak, Finessefreak, Switchfreak, Beastfreak, Beast Buster LC and a full range of Millerods Big Game Series like the well known Swordfight series.