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Big Flathead, Shallow Water

As the winter chill fades, water temperatures in the estuaries are starting to climb. As a result, we should see a spark in activity from a number of species, one of which being the humble dusky flathead.

Spring Kingfish in and around Sydney

With Spring here, it is only a matter of time before the word on the street gets around that big, hoodlum class Kingfish are beginning to prowl the headlands and inshore reefs. These fish are the pinnacle of our Sydney inshore fishery, and the months of September to December are prime time to chase these […]

Lord Howe Island with Hayden & Jay

The plan to fly over and fish Lord Howe Island had been in the pipeline for many months, awaiting the perfect window of weather. October came around and the boys got a call from Scott Wilson, local commercial fisherman, islander and friend. He said the warmer water current had pushed down and onto the island and […]

Yellowfin Tuna Action – Winter 2020

We’re in the midst of some amazing Yellowfin Tuna action, from Broken Bay to Port Stephens the results have been scintillating. Big thanks to Michael Bonnici, Andrew Griffin and Zac Smallwood for a special day’s fishing. Some of the best topwater Yellowfin Tuna fishing we have seen. Looking to do this type of fishing? The recommended […]

Flinders Reef with Jay and Rob Powell – November 2019

Expectations are always high for a trip like this, however as all anglers know, reality is often very different. This was certainly the exception! These reefs are located around 100-140nm from Cairns and as a result of their remote location are largely untouched by the human hand.

Far North Queensland with Hayden – October 2019

Far North Queensland offers some of the best and most diverse fishing in Australia. Over 10 days in October 2019, we went on a trip of a lifetime with 8 mates, staying in a full-sized cabin, and equipment to handle anything the ocean threw at them.