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White Water Brawlers

As the cool Westerly winds begin to chill us to the bone, as a rock fisherman, my mind starts to drift from summertime pelagics, to the local wash zone.
That small strip of whitewater surging between boulders, up gutters and over ledges.
This is the home of those stocky, broad shouldered brawlers that I love, The Black Drummer, Rock Blackfish, or simply Pig.

Fly fishing: an introduction.

Have you ever thought of taking up flyfishing? Perhaps you thought it was too hard? Too
expensive? Too complicated? Too mysterious? Or maybe you thought it just made catching
fish too hard? The answer to almost every flyfishing question is that “it depends”. In the
case of most of these statements, they are not true.

Going Nuts for Squirrels

While soft plastic fishing has really gained its traction in estuary and sweet-water lure fishing scenarios (and deservedly so!), I often feel that the humble hard bodied diver gets overlooked all too often when we delve into the arsenal of lures we tend to carry with us on a fishing trip these days.  But lately, and […]

Get out there!

With the recent pandemonium, and worldwide reshuffling that all of us have had to do due to this virus, we look forward, towards the light gleaming through the tunnels exit, and begin to ask the question… Where shall we go next?

Summer Flats Fishing

Towards the end of spring and the start of summer is a great time of year to
get the shorts on and start walking the sand flats. With the water warming to
18°-25° in summer your estuary specials like, Whiting, Bream and Flathead will
be in the peak of their active feeding.

The Bass Bug!

As we drift into Summer, hot weather, high humidity and afternoon storm activity have all become commonplace. The creeks are flowing nicely and the cicadas are starting to sing. All of this is synonymous with one species in particular… The Australian Bass!

Everything eats a prawn!

That’s right, just about everything will eat a prawn… Including me! All jokes aside, prawns are a crucial food source for many of the fish that inhabit our estuaries. From the humble bream and flathead right up to the mighty mulloway and the yellowtail kingfish, prawns are on the menu at one time or another! With this in mind, one may logically conclude that tying on a prawn imitation isn’t such a bad idea…

NaF Lead Free Sinkers

Currently in the world there is immense pressure to recognise and adopt sustainable new technologies in order to help reduce our impact on the environment.
The fishing tackle industry, strangely enough, is seemingly well behind the eight-ball in this field, with a high dependance on single use plastic in its packaging and the make up of its products, as well as many products containing lead, which is widely know as something we as humans try to avoid wherever possible.

Burley, the key to catching

It is undeniable, that when bait fishing, the incorporation of burley into the system will inevitably result in more fish getting caught. Especially now, in the cooler months, fish often need that little bit more persuasion in order to get the munchies.

Big Flathead, Shallow Water

As the winter chill fades, water temperatures in the estuaries are starting to climb. As a result, we should see a spark in activity from a number of species, one of which being the humble dusky flathead.

Spring Kingfish in and around Sydney

With Spring here, it is only a matter of time before the word on the street gets around that big, hoodlum class Kingfish are beginning to prowl the headlands and inshore reefs. These fish are the pinnacle of our Sydney inshore fishery, and the months of September to December are prime time to chase these […]

Lord Howe Island with Hayden & Jay

The plan to fly over and fish Lord Howe Island had been in the pipeline for many months, awaiting the perfect window of weather. October came around and the boys got a call from Scott Wilson, local commercial fisherman, islander and friend. He said the warmer water current had pushed down and onto the island and […]

Yellowfin Tuna Action – Winter 2020

We’re in the midst of some amazing Yellowfin Tuna action, from Broken Bay to Port Stephens the results have been scintillating. Big thanks to Michael Bonnici, Andrew Griffin and Zac Smallwood for a special day’s fishing. Some of the best topwater Yellowfin Tuna fishing we have seen. Looking to do this type of fishing? The recommended […]

Flinders Reef with Jay and Rob Powell – November 2019

Expectations are always high for a trip like this, however as all anglers know, reality is often very different. This was certainly the exception! These reefs are located around 100-140nm from Cairns and as a result of their remote location are largely untouched by the human hand.

Far North Queensland with Hayden – October 2019

Far North Queensland offers some of the best and most diverse fishing in Australia. Over 10 days in October 2019, we went on a trip of a lifetime with 8 mates, staying in a full-sized cabin, and equipment to handle anything the ocean threw at them.