Fishing Station offers a large and diverse range of bait sourced predominantly from Tweed Bait, East Coast Bait and other local bait wholesalers, available in-store. 

Fishing Station Custom Bait

Call us on 02 8094 9197 to confirm daily availability of our custom bait made onsite: 

  • Fresh Local Squid
  • Fresh Local Garfish
  • Salted White Bait
  • Salted Mackerel
  • Burley Bags

Full Bait Selection (Subject to seasonality)

  • Whole mullet 2 fish
  • Salted mullet fillet
  • Mullet fillet
  • Bulk mullet
  • Chicken gut
  • Hawksbury prawns
  • School prawns
  • Bonito
  • Bulk slimy mackerel
  • King worms
  • Salted pilchards
  • White pilchards
  • Pilchards 2kg blocks
  • IQF Pilchards (400g, 1kg, 14kg, 15kg)
  • Trap bait (20kg bulk pilchard blocks)
  • Stripe tuna fillet
  • Salted garfish
  • Blue bait
  • Premix burley log
  • Burley bags (custom Fishing Station mix made onsite)
  • Squid
  • Squid heads
  • Bottle squid
  • Hawksbury squid (see below)
  • Sea worms

Multiple pack sizes are available for a selection of the above.

Fresh Local Squid

We process our own fresh squid from local trawlers onsite. The squid is delivered to our shop on ice (saltwater), carefully de-slimed and then sealed using our cryogenic vacuum pump. Extreme care is taken not to allow any fresh water into the mix. 

Custom Bait

If you wish for us to custom prepare/rig baits, we can do so on an individual basis. For example, swordfish baits, shark baits or skip baits for marlin. We can also cryovac bait onsite.

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