JB Lures Medium Donger Skirted Trolling Lure – Interactive Lure Builder

From: $99.95

Along with the Ripper and the Chook the Donger is another straight runner with a very stable action that was designed in the late eighties. The Donger’s action is similar but less aggressive to the Chook and made for the rigger, the larger Dongers, Big, XL and XXL Donger are great short corner lures with plenty of blue marlin and big tuna captures.
Length: 10″ 255mm
Tackle: 15kg-37kg
Hook Rig: single 9/0
Position: Long Corner, Riggers, Shotgun

Please Note: Actual head colour/pattern may vary slightly from image. These are hand-made, custom lures and some incorporate natural materials as such, some variations may occur.