Coggin Lures 12″ Large Tado Skirted Trolling Lure – Interactive Lure Builder

From: $169.95

The original Tado is arguably Steve Coggin’s most famous lure design. This beautifully hand-crafted lure features a carefully scalloped, scoop-face with 4 brass jet tubes and Steve’s trademark Mother Of Pearl shell inserts. The Tado swims with a radical weaving & diving action that throws off plenty of splash and bubble.
Length: 12″ 304.8mm
Tackle: 24kg-60kg
Hook Rig: single 10/0 or 11/0
Position: All Positions

Please Note: Actual head colour/pattern may vary slightly from image. These are hand-made, custom lures and some incorporate natural materials as such, some variations may occur.