Aloha Baby Smash Bait Skirted Trolling Lure – Interactive Lure Builder

From: $139.95

An aggressive bevel with softened rails and a slight forward taper, the shape of the Aloha Smash Bait creates some serious distress behind the boat. Aggressive, turbulent, and wounded best describes the action of this head. A fantastic teaser or hook rigged trolling bait for big fish. Runs best from the short corner, short rigger or long rigger position.
Length: 14″ 356mm
Tackle: 15kg-37kg
Hook Rig: single or double 11/0
Position: Short corner, Short rigger, Long rigger

Please Note: Actual head colour/pattern may vary slightly from image. These are hand-made, custom lures and some incorporate natural materials as such, some variations may occur.