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Fishing Rod Building

A custom designed fishing rod can provide a tailored solution to the most unique of fishing situations. Most factory rods are “one size fits all”, designed so anyone can use them. They provide little specialisation, and advanced anglers often crave a more customised approach to their situations.

Fishing Station offers an extensive rod building service by our highly experienced technicians.

Custom rod building is a highly specialised niche that is frequently overlooked these days by most conventional tackle stores. Our team live and breathe rod building – if they have a spare night you’ll often find them tinkering in our workshop into the late hours building their next custom masterpiece. Every custom rod building request is undertaken with the same level of precision and detail as if it were their own. From beginner anglers to tournament veterans, our team will be able to build a rod to any requirement.

Our custom equipped workshop is fitted out with professional equipment not readily available at local fishing tackle stores, such as our multi-rod drying facility and state of the art rod lathe. We keep an inventory on hand of extensive quality-sourced componentry and blanks. Our team take the time to ensure only the highest quality items are sourced, as a lot of the work is for their own equipment – the best demand the best.

If you are in the Sydney or Northern Beaches area, drop in to our store at anytime to discuss your options.

Services Offered

  • Custom, handcrafted fishing rods
  • Cosmetic customisations to your existing fishing rod to suit a particular look you are after
  • Grip/handle customisations including custom designs and material overlays

Service Enquiry

Australia-Wide Servicing by Courier

We welcome equipment for servicing and repairs from all over Australia.

No equipment will be serviced without prior authorisation

Packaging your item - please be mindful that any damage incurred during logistics is at your own risk.

Reels: use adequate protection to prevent the reel from moving during transit. We recommend either bubble wrap, plenty of newspaper, foam packaging etc and a sturdy cardboard box.

Rods: if the rod is more than 1pc, take apart. Place cardboard over all guides and tips. Place the rod inside a length of PVC pipe or strong cylindrical cardboard packaging. Note: most couriers have length limits of 1.5m.

Contact us by phone or the form below to get in touch with us to discuss your enquiry.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the sender. We recommend considering insurance.

We may be able to assist in arranging logistics, depending on your location.

Depending on the service or level of work required, turnaround time is generally 1 week.

Return shipping costs will be charged together with the invoice for work required.

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Drop in and see us anytime with your equipment. Our turnaround time is dependent on the work required.

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