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Fishing Reel Repairs and Servicing

Your fishing reel can often be the most expensive and technical piece of kit in your tackle box. The average modern fishing reel is a complex set of gears and mechanics containing lots of tiny parts – the purpose of each is only known to a select group of highly skilled engineers. It is for this reason that your reel must be treated with respect, and carefully cared for. Regular reel maintenance will keep your equipment in excellent working order, destined to perform at the most critical of times.

Fishing Station offers a full suite of reel repairs and servicing options

Completed in-house by our expert reel technicians in our custom-built facility. Our technicians carry years of reel experience, working on an assortment of brands and models. A mechanic by trade, our primary reel repairer is an expert in all mechanical parts.

All repairs are completed on-site – no equipment is sent to third-parties. Our technicians will advise prior to repair whether the reel can be repaired by the manufacturer under warranty. Our technicians are available for advice and discussion on your reel, whether in person or over the phone.

Our workshop is fully equipped with all tools required for precise and careful servicing. We stock a large inventory of reel spare parts, including gears, handles, miniature bearings, drag washers, lubricants and specialised custom parts. Any parts not in stock are ordered from our large supplier network.

Reel servicing frequency varies depending on usage, however it is recommended at a minimum to have your reels serviced at least once per year. This prevents the build up of sand, salt, oil deposits, grease and other foreign particles that can clog the working components.

Every reel service includes a complete overhaul; all components taken apart, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, and moisture inhibitor application of all interior and exterior parts.

Specific Repairs and Servicing Available:

  • All make and model reels, from any year
  • Drag system upgrades
  • Performance upgrades for smoother, farther casting
  • Reel greasing and cleaning
  • Broken reels
  • Full strip and reel rebuild

If you are in the Sydney or Northern Beaches area, drop in to our store at anytime to discuss your options.

Service Enquiry

Australia-Wide Servicing by Courier

We welcome equipment for servicing and repairs from all over Australia.

No equipment will be serviced without prior authorisation

Packaging your item - please be mindful that any damage incurred during logistics is at your own risk.

Reels: use adequate protection to prevent the reel from moving during transit. We recommend either bubble wrap, plenty of newspaper, foam packaging etc and a sturdy cardboard box.

Rods: if the rod is more than 1pc, take apart. Place cardboard over all guides and tips. Place the rod inside a length of PVC pipe or strong cylindrical cardboard packaging. Note: most couriers have length limits of 1.5m.

Contact us by phone or the form below to get in touch with us to discuss your enquiry.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the sender. We recommend considering insurance.

We may be able to assist in arranging logistics, depending on your location.

Depending on the service or level of work required, turnaround time is generally 1 week.

Return shipping costs will be charged together with the invoice for work required.

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