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Custom Rigging Services

Fishing Station offers a comprehensive range of custom rigging services using our inhouse rigging facility. Alex and the team are well experienced in offering you the best solution for your rigging needs.

Lure Rigging & Skirting

Fishing Station lure rigging is suitable to all types of sport fish such as marlin, yellowfin tuna, southern bluefin tuna, wahoo, spanish mackerel, mahi mahi, kingfish, cobia, giant trevally GT’s etc.

Services Offered:

  • Game fish lure rigging – Inhouse Fishing Station pre made rigs or bring your own request to us and we can custom rig your lure to your desire (single or double hook choice, hook position, leader length, leader material, plugging options etc.) Fishing Station carries a wide range of trolling hook brands including Pa, Pakula Dojo, Gamakatsu sl12, Black Magic, Maruto, Owner Jobu, Mustard, VMC and BKK. Rigged on quality Moimoi, Ande or Jinkai leader to meet GFAA and IGFA guidelines.
  • Re-skirting Lures – we stock a wide range of skirts from Yamashita, Yo-Zuri, Pakula, Billmark, Black Pete and Black Bart. Our staff can tie or glue on your choice of skirts.
  • Hook Sharpening – utilising a mixture diamond & bastard cut files and fine grinding machines we can sharpen most hooks to a needle point.
  • Bibbed minnows or skirted trolling lures can be rigged with wire (single or 49 strand).

Bait Fishing Hook Rigs

  • Shark rigs – Multi or single strand wire using either J or circle hooks.
  • Mackerel Rigs – Single and multi strand wire with combination of J and treble hooks.
  • Marlin, mahi mahi and tuna live bait rigs – using either J or circle hooks and monofilament or fluorocarbon leader.
  • Kingfish, Jewfish and Snapper – live bait and dead bait rigs for fish and squid baits.
  • Swordfish – Circle and J hooks with glow lights/tubing and break away sinker.
  • Deep dropping – Circle hooks with shark clips and glow lights/tubing.

Wind On Leaders

A wind on leader is a leader which is wound onto the reel. The leader is attached to the mainline with a loop to loop connection which eliminates any swivels passing through the guides.

The main advantage of using a wind on leader is that it eliminates the need for someone to ‘wire’ the fish by hand to the boat, which can be quite dangerous.

Alex and the staff create and use this system on an almost daily basis and are well experienced in building your custom wind on leaders.

Knot Tying

A strong and durable knot is one of the most important aspects of fishing. You can buy a sharp hook, heavy sinker, quality fishing line, but you cannot buy a packet of strong knots. Knot tying is an art – an art that has been mastered by only the best anglers.

The staff at Fishing Station are highly skilled in tying knots. Examples of knots they can tie for you are:

  • Hollowcore Splicing – strongest method to connect hollow braid or dacron to monofilament or fluorocarbon line
  • Haywire Twist – used to tie single strand wire
  • PR knot – Utilizes a bobbin tool to connect braided line to monofilament or fluorocarbon
  • FG knot – Excellent braid to leader connection
  • Bimini Twist – Used to make a single strand of line into a double
  • Aussie Plait – Excellent for making a double line with Monofilament line
  • Uni knot – Excellent leader to hook or swivel connection
  • Thumb knot – Similar to uni knot but better for thicker lines (over 100lb)
  • Perfection Loop – Great for tying leader to a casting lure (soft plastic, hardbody etc)
  • Snell – Great for connecting multiple hooks when bait fishing

One of the biggest causes of “the one that got away” is incorrect or improper knot tying.

Drag Setting

As part of setting up your game fishing outfits, Fishing Station can set your drag with the use of spring scales. Staff will set strike drags at 1/3rd the breaking strain (unless you advise otherwise).

Outrigger Poles

Fishing Station carries an extensive range of outrigger poles, bases and fittings. Their staff have extensive knowledge on outrigger pole installation and offer custom rigging for your return and taglines.

Service Enquiry

Australia-Wide Servicing by Courier

We welcome equipment for servicing and repairs from all over Australia.

No equipment will be serviced without prior authorisation

Packaging your item - please be mindful that any damage incurred during logistics is at your own risk.

Reels: use adequate protection to prevent the reel from moving during transit. We recommend either bubble wrap, plenty of newspaper, foam packaging etc and a sturdy cardboard box.

Rods: if the rod is more than 1pc, take apart. Place cardboard over all guides and tips. Place the rod inside a length of PVC pipe or strong cylindrical cardboard packaging. Note: most couriers have length limits of 1.5m.

Contact us by phone or the form below to get in touch with us to discuss your enquiry.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the sender. We recommend considering insurance.

We may be able to assist in arranging logistics, depending on your location.

Depending on the service or level of work required, turnaround time is generally 1 week.

Return shipping costs will be charged together with the invoice for work required.

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