Fly Rods

In no form of fishing is the rod more paramount to success than in fly fishing. The role that the rod plays in the art of presenting a fly to a fish, either fresh or saltwater, is vitally important.
Fly fishing, in its simplest form, is targeting fish by presenting an unweighted (or very lightly weighted) artificial lure through the casting action of the rod and the fly line. The cast is made possible by using a specific fly line which has weight incorporated into it, that when cast with the Fly rod will shoot out with the fly lure at the end and can then be laid on the water when the desired distance is achieved.

Fly Fishing rods differ from conventional rods in various ways, the most obvious is the shorter butt/grip configuration. This is so as to allow casting to be made more effectively, as it is done using the rod in one hand, and the fly line in the other. Secondly, one will notice that fly rods are longer than conventional rods overall, with 9 foot being a rather standard length, although there are obviously alterations to this. The taper of a fly rod is altogether much slower than conventional rods as well, again to aid in the casting of the fly.

We have some very experienced fly fishing staff members here at Fishing Station, so there is a lot of detail put into our Fly Fishing tackle selection, with rods being no exception. We have everything for those anglers who wish to take up fly fishing for the first time, to highly advanced fly anglers looking to add to their quiver. Come and see some of our fly rods from top brands such as Redington, Sage, TFO and G. Loomis.