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Spring Kingfish in and around Sydney

With Spring here, it is only a matter of time before the word on the street gets around that big, hoodlum class Kingfish are beginning to prowl the headlands and inshore reefs. These fish are the pinnacle of our Sydney inshore fishery, and the months of September to December are prime time to chase these fish with large fresh live baits and ultimately, on topwater!

Downrigging, drifting with weighted baits, or fishing live baits at anchor on productive, current licked reefs is the most likely way to find yourself doubled over and properly stretched by kingfish in the 10kg+ range. This should utilise short powerful rods, heavy braid, tough leaders and STRONG reels which are par for the course if you dream of landing that trophy Sydney Kingfish. Best baits are live squid, slimey Mackerel, Long Finned Pike and large Yellowtail.

If you like a challenge, and having your rewards taste sweetest of all, topwater stick baiting and poppering is the ultimate way to chase these fish. Early starts, or sun down sessions are your best bet, and use the same algorithm as above, albeit swap your short rod, for a designated casting stick and you’re in the game. Don’t get disheartened with fishless sessions, these big kings don’t come easy, but keep casting and they will show! (Hooking them is one part, stopping them is altogether something else.)

Mike with a healthy Sydney Kingfish

Jay with a metre+ king pulled from the shallows

Jay getting the first light topwater bite

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