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NaF Lead Free Sinkers

Currently in the world there is immense pressure to recognise and adopt sustainable new technologies in order to help reduce our impact on the environment.

The fishing tackle industry, strangely enough, is seemingly well behind the eight-ball in this field, with a high dependance on single use plastic in its packaging and the make up of its products, as well as many products containing lead, which is widely know as something we as humans try to avoid wherever possible.

As fisher people we really should be conscious of this, as we are those who are constantly interacting directly with the natural environment.

I am pleased to know that the majority of fishermen and women will always do the right thing, and indeed often go out of their way to eradicate visible pollution from their immediate fishing areas. But, inevitably, I would be lying if I said that I (along with all others) did not occasionally litter when fishing. The dreaded snag is something that we are unable to avoid at all times, and with that comes the loss of tackle, which once not attached to our fishing lines, and unable to be retrieved, instantly becomes pollution…

So it is refreshing when a product, humble as it may be, comes along, that in a small way negates an amount of pollution from our world.

NaF Tackle are producing sinkers that deviate away from the standard Lead based formula, instead they are made from High density Lead free Alloy Steel.

A product that is essential in nearly every fishing kit, from Bluewater to back country, sinkers do as their name suggests, they sink, taking with them our rig and desired presentation to the depths where our targets are living.

In the past, there have been some similar attempts by companies to create “eco sinkers”, but the trade off was always using materials that were much larger than lead to get a similar weight. This is not ideal, as I religiously try to fish with the minimal amount of weight in every scenario, and using a #0 lead sinker or a walnut sizes alternative was never really an option.

NaF Ball sinkers now make that choice easy, you are getting a product that is good for the environment, the same size to weight ratio as traditional lead, and competitively priced to mass produced lead sinkers. Even the packaging (or lack of) is environmentally conscious, as they come strung on natural twine with a cardboard swing tag, not a bit of plastic in sight!

They come in two varieties, the ever popular ball sinker, from 10g for general estuary and snapper floater fishing through to 80g for dropping or slow trolling live baits, and the equally as useful Snapper sinker from 80g-250g, which comes with a CNC alloy attachment and bright, eco-friendly resin coating.

NaF Tackle products come in a range of colours and sizes

Size comparison with std lead sinker (right) and klik sinker (left). All 10g

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