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Get out there!

With the recent pandemonium, and worldwide reshuffling that all of us have had to do due to this virus, we look forward, towards the light gleaming through the tunnels exit, and begin to ask the question… Where shall we go next?

Of course this question is asked in a purely fishing travel related sense, and immediately we begin to dream of far flung destinations, be that tight back country streams, open floodplains draining through veins of tannin run off, tropical jungle rivers or crystalline coral reef edges. We as Aussie’s tend to have an affiliation with travelling, not only internationally, but throughout this widely varied and geographically diverse country of our own. As that possibility again becomes a reality, where will you point the bow to next?

So then we get to the next stage, arrangements have been made, the location picked, guides booked, or perhaps a pre-covid fishing trip can now finally be undertaken. Lets face it, the next part is often the most fun… the tackle preparation! Re-spooling reels, enough new lures to decorate a town square Christmas tree, upgrading trebles, rings, leaders and the like. Buffs and fishing shirts louder than the drunkest bloke at the footy and just enough spare cash to buy out the fishing venue’s beer supply.

Finally, game day has come, the flight has touched down, you and the mob have all had a bit of bravery gravy to loosen the lips, banter is at an all time high, and the guide lets you know that you’ll be able to get a quick two hour session in on the first arvo before the week really begins.

So, when you get there, new rod, rigged with new lure. Freshly tied leader, the suns warm kiss on the back of your neck. As you stare out at the fishing paradise in front of you, whatever that may be, remind yourself to stand, just for one moment before you let fly with that first cast into the hungry mouths of fish that have not been shown lures since COVID 19 decided to royally halt our plans, and take a moment to enjoy what we all took for granted for so long!

Life really is for living! Now get out there.

Cracking Lord Howe Island Sunset

Getting out there with the boys

All the kit for a great day out

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