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Burley, the key to catching

It is undeniable, that when bait fishing, the incorporation of burley into the system will inevitably result in more fish getting caught. Especially now, in the cooler months, fish often need that little bit more persuasion in order to get the munchies.

When fishing from a stationary position (at Anchor, or off a fixed land based position), set up a burley trail by either chopping small pieces of your bait up and throwing in, or utilise one of the many products available on the market that will disperse over time through a burley bucket/pot. “A little, often” is the key here, the intention is not to feed the fish, rather get them interested and searching the area for a meal (your bait). A light trickle of current or tide is ideal here, as this will work in your advantage, spreading the scent over a greater area, thereby drawing fish in from a greater area!

Fish as lightly weighted baits as possible to present naturally down your burley trail, and stick with it. You need to invest a little bit of time when burleying as the fish have to find the source of the scent, there is no point getting impatient after 15 minutes and leaving only to have fish being to show up 10 minutes later.
Don’t get disgruntled by small fish either, they may be a nuisance at the start, but their activity will in turn attract the attention of larger fish and predators.
From catching yakkas and Slimeys at the local bait reef, Bream, trevally and Mulloway in the estuaries and bays, Snapper on the inshore reefs, and yellowfin tuna on the shelf, the principle is all the same… BURLEY AND THEY WILL COME.

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